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Voice Mail System

IN THE PAST, you had to punch in a series of numbers to be able to complete your call. Not anymore. The new J.S.V Voice has all the features of an efficient auto attendant and voice mail system plus the latest technology of speech recognition. Simply put, this technology can revolutionise the way you do business. Your company receives hundreds of calls from people who don't know the extension number of the person they want to talk to. So they are re-directed to the operator. With our new system, that won't happen. The caller simply speaks out the name.

like "Peter Parker", and he will be promptly connected! Moreover, all possible variations are allowed. Instead of "Peter Parker", the caller can say "Peter" or "Parker" or even "can I speak to Mr P Parker" - no problem, the system will understand. For common names, the caller can also say "Sam in Sales" or "Angel in Accounts", its just like speaking to a human operator.

This amazing technology is also fine-tuned for variations in pronunciation – so whether the caller speaks in any accent, the system will still understand.

The new J.S.V Voice is more human. If the person called is not available, the system will ask, "do you want to speak to someone else" or "do you want to leave a message". The caller just has to say "yes" or "no", and will be guided forward. Just like your customers can speak to the system, so can you. Dial your voice mail box and say "read my mail" and then "next" or "previous" or "delete this".

You can also order the system to "change my password" or "change my greeting" or "take a message" (for a colleague). All with simple voice commands. If you are travelling, the system can also forward your messages to your pager, mobile, a remote phone or even email!

There's more. Your employees can now enter reporting information such as hours worked, orders processed etc, simply by using a telephone to talk to the system. You can also automate the system to call a pre-defined list of numbers and read out your company's message.

Technically, J.S.V Voice is a combination of Auto Attendant, Voice Mail and an IVR system. For you, this means a modern tool for managing your telecom resources and getting the best return on your investment. Want to call us? We are listening...

J.S.V Voice uses International Standard Dialogic CTI cards. The application is scalable and can simultaneously operate from 2 to 240 ports. The speech recognition application is built on Philips SpeechPearl2000. The system runs on Windows2000 or NT. It's easy to install, and you will have years of uninterrupted service with unlimited voice mail boxes.


Record your own Greetings, even multiple greetings each mailbox! (like, "I am travelling" or "I am on leave")
Organise Greetings by departments or Group Companies Have multiple/department-wise Operators Enable Greetings by Port/Trunk Have Greetings & Prompts in multiple languages





Check out these advanced features of J.S.V Voice which use the latest technology to make your business tasks easier!

Web Interface: Imagine working on your PC and receiving messages through any Internet browser! You can access your voice mail box and manage your messages from anywhere!

Text-to-Speech: You want to access your Emails, but are not in the office or near a PC. No problem. Just call J.S.V Voice at your office and ask it to read out your emails over the phone!

Fax on Demand: Imagine this scene. A customer calls your office. J.S.V Voice asks whether he wants a brochure or technical datasheet or even a quotation, asks for the number to which it must be sent, and then promptly faxes it!

Complaint Management System: Use this advanced application to manage and service all complaints, whether from within the office, or from your customers! Advanced IVR : Design you own menus and serve your customers with AudioTex utilities. For example, after dialling 2 for Marketing, the caller can access pre-recorded information about your products over the phone!

No Licence Fees
We provide a true pay as you go financial model, just pay for what you use and nothing else.

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