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Voice Logger

Sometimes, going off the course of normal work function, an organisation needs to recollect a particular call made some good time ago. Assuming the matter to be critical, the vitality of the seeked data increases, likewise. The accurate recorded log can be crucial either to confirm the verbal exchange that occured at some point of time or to track a traitorous wreck. Anyway, looking ahead to the todays marketing and interactive era, periodic information of 'Voice Logs' can serve as important statistical data regarding evaluation and monitoring of various aspects of business administration.

J.S.V VoiceLogger is such a solution, complete in itself in todays corporate scenario where not every 'word of trade' or commitment comes through bonds n' papers but also verbally over a phone call. J.S.V VoiceLogger is built on 'state of the art technology' combining telephones and computers. This efficient tool works in the background, silently while your usual office work is going on.

J.S.V Digital Voice Logger is a compact, innovative, state-of-the-art digital recorder that simultaneously records multiple channels of telephone calls. It monitor, record, retrieve, log, review, analyze and achieve virtually real time verification of telephone conversations with ease. This system can also be deployed on P&T Lines before EPABX Systems. In such a situation it can record all incoming and outgoing conversations on junctions connected to Voice Logger from all extensions.

J.S.V - VL is an invaluable business tool built with innovative voice compression technology. J.S.V - VL can record thousands of hours of audio on to a tiny disk or tape without losing the true fidelity of speech. Once recorded, this voice data can be stored and organized in many different ways. Voice-search feature allows any of the thousands of voice records to be searched, accessed and played instantly. Further, J.S.V - VL operates on industry standard Commercial Of The Shelf hardware using Windows NT Operating System. The Significant features of Voice Logger are:


Voice Logger records voice data in compressed format, with compression rates of 10:1. In VOX format recording can easily be converted to WAVE file format for playback on any Windows PC. Voice recording can be activated by loop on/off event, DTMF sequence or through an external command. Voice Logger allows taking backup on separate hard disks or re-writable cds using cd writer. Recordings can be removed after back up.

Search and playback
Voice Logger has a number of features enabling quick retrieval and replay of conversations. Search on various folders and retrieval on the basis of time, date, dialed phone number, channel, CallerID information or text tags. Voice recordings are accessible from logger computer or from a remote PC using Voice Logger Client Software. Recordings can be converted to WAVE file format if required and can also be sent as attachment with email.

No Licence Fees
We provide a true pay as you go financial model, just pay for what you use and nothing else.

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