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Unified Reporting

Unified Reporting is a subset of Unified Organizational Reporting. Unified Reporting summarizes data into reports that are appropriate for each level of any organization. Reports data is collected using Activity Monitoring of an organization. The problem for most of organizations is creating reports that have the correct information and is presented in the best way possible. We have six ways of presenting information.

Key Benefits

  • Agents, team leaders, managers and senior management have unique display requirements. Having six ways to see data meets those requirements;
  • Flexibility and mobility are both covered with the reporting methods available;
  • Unified reports summarize all data into reports for each level of your organization. Each level sees only the information they need to take proactive actions.
  • An important part of Unified Reporting is the ability to generate accurate reports for all levels of the organization and in the manner that is most appropriate. We provide six methods of reporting to meet any organizations reporting requirement.

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