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Telephone Billing System

For all those who wish to manage their telephone network, keeping tracks of all calls floating in and out of their private EPABX, J.S.V TBS is the most genuine and complete solution to meet all such requirements and provide instant information regarding any aspect of usage of the telephone network.

Its prominent feature being the determination of call charges. All the system needs is the information about the user's location, e.g., New Delhi, Mumbai, etc. and it automatically generates the pulse table of call charges.

J.S.VTBS enables the user to group identitities (extensions) into departments and sub-departments as required in an organisation. It perpetually processes the call information and provides that information in numerous relevant and lucid report formats. One can always keep an eye over the telephone usage in the organisation., e.g., which extension or department goes spendthrift, which numbers are dialed frequently, who made a call at a particular time to a given number, etc.

The provision of establishing a budget limit in advance for each department is one of its remarkable feature. It renders the user with department wise analysis, credit limit monitoring, expensive call analysis through monthly, quarterly or yearly variance reports.

Its flamboyancy at tending towards a complete solution, speaks of itself when it provides user with an easy to use wizard for building reports of his own choice, moreover, in the format of his own choice. The information reports can be sent via e-mail assuming the user to be mobile.

Though for carrying all such features that lead J.S.VTBS to be a perfection in its kind, there lies a formidable fortress of complex programming and database management. All this to ensure a simple, flexible and ceaselessly running solution.

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