Networking Solution

Networking Solution

"Network and Edge services deliver a software defined approach complemented by 5G-enabled edge"

Advanced technologies fuel today’s business performance, and it’s the network that powers this digital age. Our future-ready networking solutions help you Connect, Collaborate yet remain flexible while taking control of your network’s future and lower data center costs.

With wired and wireless solutions that range from large-scale enterprise campus networks to small offices, we are a one-stop shop for a complete, secure, easy-to-manage networking solutions that will meet your needs today and tomorrow.

JSV Technologies Network and Edge provides the expertise, services, and technologies that help enterprises prepare for the next wave of cloud with 5G-enabled edge and software-defined networking technologies such as SDN and SD-WAN – regardless of their size and complexity.

By provisioning software defined and 5G-enabled edge services, JSV Technologies builds a “core-to-edge” story covering end-user device integration, cloud-based application delivery, high security options and innovative network services and thus helping customers build strong end to end, carrier neutral solutions with a highly programmable network.

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