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Interactive Voice Response

J.S.V IVRS is a powerful Call processing environment that allows you to build custom, Interactive Voice applications that allows callers to access information stored in databases, text files, network drives or virtually anywhere. It is easy to learn and easy use by new and expert users. A set of predefined commands or nodes provides you with a way to easily create complex and flexible call flows, which have features like Call Transfer, FAX on Demand, Text to speech and Speech Recognition.

J.S.V IVRS can connect to any ODBC or OLE-DB compliant database apart from MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle etc. It comes with a user-friendly interface, which makes the system configuration an easy task. Its hardware support makes it possible to run different applications simultaneously. J.S.V IVRS is the result of our expertise in CTI development, more than 10 years of experience and a knack to do something new, which makes us the leader in the Industry.

Easy to Install and Configure - Easy to learn and use for novice users and powerful enough to meet the exacting needs of experienced programmers. Fast and easy system set up and configuration.

User definable call flows - Predefined standard nodes which handle most of the tasks automatically. The predefined nodes are:

Call flow wizard - allows the user to design call flows easily.

Database Connectivity - Gen IVRS can connect to virtually any database and make the stored information available to callers through the standards based ODBC or OLE-DB interfaces. Gen IVR can also retrieve information from callers and insert information into the database. Supported Databases include:

J.S.V CFD carries the provision of database usage for the created IVRs. One can attain the integration of all relevant DBs, e.g., MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle 9I and MySQL via DSN or a direct connection, by specifying the required information. Variables: The relevant information of each node can be stored and maintained throughout the call flow and can be accessed by various nodes as variables, e.g., the digit choice in Menu node can be stored in a variable which later helps to keep the track of the users choice and hence enables the flow to take actions in accordance.

Text to Speech - Gen IVR interacts with callers using TTS, it can read information from databases or files and use text-to-speech technology to play back information to callers. (Optional)

Email Support - Gen IVR has the ability to send and receive email messages from the Internet. Attachments are also supported

Fax Support - Full support to send and receive fax from any fax system any where from the world. You can retrieve the caller information automatically or even setup a Fax on demand system in no time.

Scalable Architecture -

Types of lines - Works equally well with Analog or Digital trunks. Supports ISDN PRI, Indian R2 and many other standard protocols. Based on Intel Dialogic cards

Multi-Language support - IVR Call Flow can run in Hindi, English or Regional Language as per end user's choice.

Simple to use intuitive Graphical System Design Interface allowing fast and easy system Set up and configuration.

Call transfer options - supervised, semi-supervised and blind. Advanced call screening and call switching options. Call transfer along with screen pop-up

Outbound Auto Dialer - Can dial other telephone numbers and run a script once the call has been answered.

Advanced Auto Attendant - features with monitored call transfers to other extensions optionally announcing the Caller ID, allowing the recipient to accept or decline the call.

Total Cost of Ownership is dramatically less than those of competing products available through lower time and skill requirements.

Answering Machine detection on outbound calls (when Dialogic card used).

Can Run other programs, allowing custom-designed extensions. Can execute VB Scripts.

Can speak the data retrieved from databases or from running other programs back to the caller.

Three-Way Call set up, optionally announcing the Caller ID, allowing the recipient to accept or decline the call.

Can play DTMF tones and hook flash signals.

Full logging of callers' details and all the selections made during the call.

Multiple telephone line support - up to 480 lines per server/machine.

Supports Inband Signalling for PBX integration. Fully customisable signal pattern matching definitions allow compatibility with any PBX.

Provides Call Flow SIMULATION through TEST CONTROL. It is a family comprising Soft Phone and Event Log Viewer (both being the components of Test Control Active X EXE). It provides an easy initial level testing of Call Flow without launching it on complex Telephony Set up. It can simulate the Call Flow giving event pop ups for Call making, Call Transfer, etc. and playing audio output via sound card. This Ace provision itself, its simplicity and sound enough debugging capability, together impart J.S.V IVRS an edge over its other siblings in the market.

Supports INTEGRATION with other J.S.V Products for more powerfully equipped multi faceted corporate solutions.

J.S.V Dialer: In this case where the J.S.V IVRS gets integrated with J.S.V Dialer, the later gives the control with required details to J.S.V IVR Engine DLL to execute the IVRS part. After the execution is complete the control with needed parameters is transferred back to the Dialer side. Both together represent a robust application set to meet Corporate and Call Center demands of Automated Dialling and Campaign Management with easy to customise full fledged IVR functionality.

J.S.V Fax Server: In case if the user wishes to send fax on another call (see FAX node). Then he or she may deliver specifications like Fax Number, Fax Document to the database via J.S.V IVRS. This pending queue of unsent fax is dealt with by Fax Server to deliver the fax as required. J.S.V Voice Logger: It can also be integrated with J.S.V Voice Logger as sometimes the conversation with IVR user or client has to be backed up and kept for future consultancy or statistical reviews and for better maintenance and arranged audition in VL Player Interface. For further details on integration, study 'RECORD' node.

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