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Fax Server

J.S.V FaxServer is your faithful assistant to handle all your incoming and outgoing fax handling jobs. It provides an automated, centralized management for all your these activities. Able to handle multiple faxes simultaneously on different ports, your company can have all numbers as telefax.

J.S.V FaxServer is a PC Based Application on stable WinNT Compatible Operating System uses a DSP based multi-port Dialogic card to Receive/Send faxes and requires a local or wide area network for an optimum performance. For an incoming fax, J.S.V-Fax automatically collects the CLI and the Dialed Number information to pick up the concerned person's information, and routes the received fax to destination through E-mail. It allows you to assign a virtual fax number to each and every person or department and still receive faxes at a centralised place which are then distributed to your desktop automatically through email. System also maintains a log of all faxes received and optionally for secrecy can delete the contents of faxes received.

For an outbound fax, You need to write text in email or attach a text or tiff file and mention fax number in subject. And if you need to fax any kind of file say a word, html or excel workbook , an optional universal printer driver will be all you will need. Your J.S.V FaxServer does the rest. Number busy , No problem. It will retry by itself. Multiple retries no problem. Delivery failure , you will be notified immediately. Faxes to be scheduled in cheap rates ? System will manage. If confirmation is important to you, delivery notification will be immediately there on your desktop in less than a minute. Nothing could be more organized and simpler!

You can integrate your existing Voice Mail to this fax server to reduce number of required channels and save investments significantly. And if you don't have voice mail, you have the option of having it at very less costs. In case you have third party voice mail, replacement is a cool job because 90% chances are there that you are using a dialogic platform for your voice mail.

J.S.V Fax Server seamlessly upgrades to J.S.V UMS, a Unified Messaging System which gives you all one can dream off. Single Mail box for all your faxes, voice and email messages

J.S.V Fax Server comes with a user-friendly interface for easy and effective management of the fax archives. There, you are provided with a search facility to track down a specific fax by date, channel, Fax Receive/Send duration, Remote ID Code, CLI, Receive/Send Status, Specific Email account or Fax For information. You can Delete or Resend/Forward that fax again.

J.S.V-Fax also provides various MIS reports, regarding several activities related to fax operations. In all, J.S.V-Fax caters to all your needs regarding Fax-Operations.

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